Jul 24, 2014

Favorite Summer Fragrances

I always love spraying my favorite fragrance every morning and something about it just makes me feel happy. Even on those mornings when I'm getting ready for work (especially Mondays), I find that a few sprays of perfume make me feel like I am ready for the day. I received a sample of the DKNY perfume from Sephora a while back and this stuff smells like a vacation in a bottle to me, this is why I always take it with me when I am going away on vacation. I took it to Punta Cana last year and it fit perfect in that Caribbean environment. Tocca fragrances will always be my favorite, I have tried quite a few of them and have fell in love with every single one of them. My favorite one is Stella, but in the summer I always reach for Colette, it has the perfect notes that make you feel sweet and sexy at the same time.

I would love to know what are your favorite fragrances for this warm weather!

Jul 20, 2014

LA Dream

Forever21 top | Nasty Gal skirt (Similar) | Forever21 shoes | Forever21 sunnies | DIY bracelets

I seriously love graphic tees way too much, it is pretty much what I wear to work all the time since thankfully, my work dress code is casual. Whenever I buy a new graphic tee, I tend to decide that this particular one will be my favorite one and this quickly changes when I purchase a new one. I like to dress them up or down and I can see myself wearing this tee again on a lazy day with shorts. I totally forgot to get pictures of the back of the shirt, but it has a tulip back which gives it a kick to an otherwise casual tee.

A little bit about my weekend, it was a pretty busy one. Will and I took the train to NYC to check out the Museum of Natural History. We watched the Great White Shark show which got us prepared for shark week. I love learning new things whenever I get a chance so I tried to take in as much info as I could!
Thanks for stopping by guys! 

Jul 15, 2014

Urban Outfitters Purchase

I received a gift card from my dad for my birthday for Urban Outfitters so I have been building up my wish list ever since. I can be so indecisive when it comes to shopping (especially online shopping) so it took me a while to finally hit the check out button :) I came out with these items which I am in love with. This Project Social tee is perfect and will definitely be purchasing other colors. I also feel in love with this lace tunic, it is much more prettier in person guys! I hope you like my little purchase, thanks for reading!

Jul 11, 2014

My Summer Essentials

I always need a bikini for the summer as this covers the least amount of skin for tanning, I tend to not tan very easily so I need whatever tan I can get ;)

Forever21 shorts & Nasty Gal crop top

I already see myself wearing way too many crop tops and distressed shorts, but hey, whatever makes you happy right? :)

I like to wear my hair in its natural texture in the summer but it can get a little crazy if I don't do anything to it. I usually put some type serum first and then this hair creme from Bumble and Bumble, put it into a braid for about 20 minutes and once I take it out, I get defined waves. I love this creme for giving my hair some hold and a little grip. Adding a bright lip is a very easy way to achieve a "done up" look without trying to hard, which is something every girl looks for in summer right? 

These are probably the cutest shoes I own, and when I say that I mean that I don't usually buy very girly, cutesy shoes like these but I love them. When I saw them online and had to have them! I love wedges or platform shoes as they are much more easier to walk in :) and these are just too cute to pass up. 

These are the things I will be reaching for the most this summer, what are your picks? 

P.S. - Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post, I really loved reading them and they made my day! :)

Jul 8, 2014

Purple Vibes

Forever21 Top | Urban Outfitters shorts | Jeffrey Campbell boots | Forever21 sunnies

Hey Guys! I have been neglecting my blog just a little bit, but I truly love blogging so I knew I needed to shaken off this blogging burnout, and have actually come up with a bunch of new ideas for posts. I hope you guys will stick around for that! :) So about this outfit, I can't get enough of cut off shorts and crops tops so yeah, this was my go to outfit this past weekend. I hope you all enjoyed 4th of July weekend! The weather was beautiful most of the time so I can't complain. Thanks for reading :)

Jun 30, 2014

White Out



Hi guys, I have been lacking some inspiration lately so of course I turned to Pinterest to get my creative juices flowing :) Lately I have been craving a more simple and carefree look. An all white look is so crisp and chic in my opinion and also very easy. If you know me you know I love an effortless look so yeah all white looks are right up my alley. I think all white looks with a pop of color puts the entire look together and adds a touch of your own style. Will you guys be wearing all white looks this summer? 

Jun 25, 2014

Etsy Finds

Vintage Grunge Floral Chiffon dress from SingularitieVintage

Beaded Black Top from unavesmas2

Flamingo Print Blouse from honeymoonmuse

Levi's Vintage Jean Jacket Vest from BetterStayTogether

I love browsing through Etsy for vintage finds, they have the best curated vintage pieces. I do not have that much luck with vintage stores around my area so I turn to Etsy for my thrifty urges. All the measurements are clearly stated on each listing which makes it so much easier to shop. These are some of my picks that might just find their way into my cart shortly. Have you guys ever shopped on Etsy for vintage items? 

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